I have dedicated my career to national security and serving in public service. Having served through both the Department of State, and the Army, I have a unique perspective into the needs and challenges that communities face with security. I served as a U.S. diplomat in Jamaica, Mexico, Thailand, and Kosovo. 

During my travels worldwide as a U.S. diplomat, I led the United States Naval Ship (USNS) Comfort’s visit to Jamaica to highlight the U.S.-Jamaican partnership. Due to our efforts, 30 positive news stories about the USNS were published, reaching 12.9 million people globally. The USNS provided free healthcare to over 6,600 Jamaicans and represented $2.2M in humanitarian aid. This example and my career in public service have shaped my perspective of why investments in communities are critical. 

Consequently, at the end of my tenure overseas, I joined the Army Reserve as an Military Intelligence Officer, hoping to implement these newly learned ideas centered around service on home soil. Where I now lead soldiers in the world’s best military to prepare for our nation’s battles. 

I worked for Dow Chemical in their government affairs division focusing on trade, immigration, and geopolitical security issues.

As a member of the Rochester Rotary club and a board member on the Saginaw YMCA, I stress the importance of public-private partnerships. I explain that in practice, this means collaborating and influencing to improve transportation and infrastructural systems to support a better quality of life. It means advocating for more investment in education so people can develop the skills to find a job, earn an income, and become self-supporting. It means reimagining the role of local businesses and making business owners the focal point in this pursuit. 

I’ve seen first-hand the importance of public-private partnerships and I know what it takes to see Michigan thrive economically and the power of investment in small businesses in communities. It is an exciting time to be in Michigan I believe this is a focal point for our state and I am excited to be a part of it.