Growing economic opportunity begins by investing in talent in our communities and the future. We must train the next generation to take on roles in Michigan’s 21st-century economy by connecting our workforce to the training that will prepare them for the trades, advanced manufacturing, technical, and cyber jobs of the future.

Michigan has always been a place where things are designed and built. Our state has an amazing history of innovation, from the creation of the modern automobile to the invention of penicillin. But the economy is evolving in our state, and we need to face forward and change with it. For our communities to thrive, we must be serious and strategic about growing economic opportunity and combating inflation here in Michigan. That starts with investing in education, connecting our talented young people with opportunities in our businesses, and ensuring that our entrepreneurs and small business owners can grow by hiring talent directly from our communities. This is how we continue to retain and recruit talent to Michigan.

I will advocate for laws that protect the right to organize, ensuring that unions can effectively represent and fight for workers’ rights. I will fight for a living wage and equal pay for equal work, ensuring that every worker in our community can support themselves and their families.

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