Investing in green infrastructure is crucial for our community’s health, resilience, and economic future. In addition to this critical investment, two environmental issues stand out as both significant concerns for our constituents and areas I am personally committed to addressing in the Michigan Legislature.

First, the preservation of our Great Lakes and local waterways is paramount. The Great Lakes are not only a vital source of fresh water for millions but also central to our identity and economy in Michigan. I will advocate for policies that protect these waters from pollution, invasive species, and extraction that threatens their health and the biodiversity they support.

Second, I am deeply committed to addressing the challenge of climate change at the state level. This includes promoting renewable energy initiatives to reduce our carbon footprint, supporting energy efficiency programs to decrease consumption, and working towards a just transition for workers in traditional energy sectors. It’s essential that Michigan leads by example in the fight against climate change, ensuring a sustainable future for our children and grandchildren.

In both these areas, and more broadly in my environmental policy approach, I intend to listen to and collaborate with experts, community leaders, and concerned citizens. Together, we can develop innovative and effective solutions that preserve Michigan’s natural beauty and resources for future generations.

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